Marc Eyckerman (AKA MarcE) was born on 4th of July 1958. Rumour has it that the baby pictures were pretty scary and had to be hidden away, so this is the first view we have of MarcE making his way in the world!
MarcE started working at 14 in a food distribution centre, whilst also doing a fine "John Craven" impression with this fine hair cut (those living in the UK and old enough to remember "Swap Shop" will now what I mean!).
MarcE then attends Art Academy for 5 years, during which time he started to be interested in music, when he first laid his hands on a GUITAR! He can't play one song and plays off-tune, but is able to make a LOT of noise. He even played in a band for a while with two of his friends... they play "experimental" music.

In 1978, when he's serving his last months in the army, he falls in love with his Anneke... from that moment they become an item.

In January 1979 they get married. A very formal wedding in church and at city hall.

Then the synth period starts: the 4th day as newly-weds they hop on the bus and take the train to Antwerp... to go shopping for his very first synthesizer.

Anneke was pregnant at that time... but it went wrong and she miscarriaged. This happened more than one time that nature decided to fail... They were both very sad, but they didn't give up hope...
... and by 1981 they were blessed with a wonderful daughter, Joke.
Marc wanted to get somewhere in life and straight after the wedding he started to look for another job. He was a construction worker for a while, but then he found a job at Bekaert... he eventually, after years and years of working himself up in the business, became a laboratory worker. He always searched to find the best for himself and his family.
MarcE tries to do a "Peter Gabriel". Somehow we don't think that PG needs to be too concerned!
Then fate struck... he started to have the first symptoms which finally lead to his illness. He struggled for 8 years and then finally gave in and decided that he had to stop working, cause he couldn't handle work any more.
Luckily he found comfort in his music. And started building up a range of synthesizers. Every synth he owned, he knew inside and out... no more secrets for him to be found. So he starts selling the synhs that he got bored with, so he can buy newer and more difficult ones. This way he becomes a 'master' at creating his own sounds.
One time he sold all his synths: he didn't like it any more... gave up music!!! But two months later... when he was wondering around the house, he started craving about new synthesizers and it was not long after that the cycle started again... MarcE loves his synths and he can't say goodbye to them... he needs to make music.