MarcE Tribute 2003

Tribute Message

2003 TorusGraphic

Dear, MarcE.

It saddened me to learn from the posts on EX5Tech you made earlier this year that you were still being dragged down by your illness.

Once again I was sure that the kind and talented people from the EX5Tech community would find some time to turn your amazing patches back around into music for you.

So when I asked for support once more, I was not surprised when people came back and offered their help and support.

All of the contributions are special, as they have come freely and selflessly from the hearts and talents of people who would wish to see you better again. I hope that the contributors won’t mind me singling one out in particular, but you may have already noticed by now the extra special contribution that is sitting in amongst all of the others … …

Well I only have one thing to say; it’s all your daughter’s fault! :-)

When I put out the request for help earlier this year, Jo was one of the kind hearted people who replied back to offer her support, and she wanted to find a way to be on the CD to give even more love and support to her Daddy.

Well, I think we found a way, and I hope you love the results. It really makes me happy to know that somebody who is struggling with what life throws his way has such a kind and loving family to support him.

Again, like the previous two years, we have a diverse collection of music, both from familiar and new names. The breadth and beauty of the music never fails to amaze me. And it goes to show what a winning triumvirate an individual’s talent, the EX5 and your stunning patches can be.

We all sometimes hear negative comments about the Internet and how some people choose to use it (like all the technologies we invent), but to me the Internet allows a diverse set of people from all over the world, who have never met (and probably never will), to come together and make a contribution such as this. However, without the kindness and actions of people, all this technology would not amount to much, and I am once again proud of the community spirit we have at EX5Tech.

Once again I would like to wish you all the best and I sincerely hope (as do all who contributed) that you may one day overcome your difficulties, and maybe this new tribute will help you in some small way.

As ever, you are in our thoughts, and be sure to drop in on us at EX5Tech every now and then.

Best Regards
Derek Cook,
On behalf of EX5Tech and all Tribute Contributors.

PS: I’d like to say a huge thanks to those who contributed, and a special thanks to our Mixmaster, Fuse, for sweating over the mastering of this compilation.

Tribute Songs

Note: some submitted songs were cover versions of other artists' tunes. Where this is the case, for copyright reasons, they are not included in this web version of the tribute. Some songs also may not be available because the artist does not want their work to be publicly available.





Artist/Compiler Message 

A Trbute to ... My Dad 

Joke & Steven 
(music by Derek)

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I would like to say a special thanks to Derek and Fuse for making this possible. Thank you all so much for helping me make this song for my daddy.

And to my dad: Papake... speciaal voor jou om je te bedanken voor alles wat je voor ons al gedaan hebt.

We love you. xxx Joke & Steven xxx

Some words by Derek: When Joke asked me to provide some music for her, I was honoured to be asked to help out. I was also a little nervous how such a collaboration would turn out, and what somebody else would think about my attempts at music (having come to making music late in life), particularly making some music to fit what somebody else was looking for, without knowing what they were looking for! Well, MarcE, you now have the end result, and I sure hope it brings a special message of love to you.

Patches Used:

  • “Ballad 02”
  • “Good Nature”
  • “New Sound 99”
  • “Wait and See”
  • “Dream Bass”

Hello MarcE 

Steven West 

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Well, I was amazed that for a third year running I managed to coax the reclusive Steven West to providing us a contribution, and this year we are rewarded with a vocal contribution.

Here is what Steven West had to say.

Voices Used: Steve Howe, and Fairground from “The End”
MarcE, all the best my friend. Your voices are tremendous. All the CD's with songs by
so many EX members. You are surely pretty talented. Relax with your loving family
and enjoy all this wonderful music.

Be sure to listen out to your local Internet radio station, as Steven West is fast becoming the latest hot act!


Stacey Morrison 

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In honour of the love & dedication MarcE has put into giving all of us, thru his sound creations, I now send something back to him, which I've entitled 'Reflections".

This song is all composed and sequenced EXclusively on the EX5 using the following patches:

  • Piano,
  • Swell strings,
  • VR flute,
  • Ballad 02,
  • Clear Bell,
  • Tendermoments,
  • Antarctica..


Derek Cook 

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This song is basically a spontaneous improvisation, which came about whilst looking for some inspiration through the last release of patches that you made. As always I found loads of it, and this song is pretty much a first take followed by a little trimming by the addition of some bass.

It is also one of these songs that to my ear sounds pretty full as it is, and every time I tried to add to it, it seemed to ruin the feel. So once again I decided that less is more!

Patches Used:

  • “Overjoyed” from “1 Year Later”
  • “Dream Bass”

Whiskey and a Piano 

Uncle Vic 

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Ahoy, MarcE!

Due to the immense depth of MarcE's pads, I only needed to use one called "Boxing day". This has become a staple with everything I use.

Dreamscapes will always have a home in my internal bank.

Keep it jolly

Uncle Vic



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Here I greet you this year. All is well here and hope you are better too. Hope you and your family, and lovely daughter have nice Christmas.

I made this in August. And I made a lot of these this year 2003. Drop us a line now and then.

Metal and Water 


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The percussion sounds are my own samples mapped out to a drum voice.

I used 8 voices from the "One Year Later..." voice pack, listed below in no particular order:

  • Batsman Bass
  • Model B+
  • Drumulation
  • Holograph
  • Good Nature
  • Metallurgy
  • Hammersound

Of these Drumulation and Hammersound formed the basis for the entire piece. The title represents a theme that I have been tinkering with for some time. The mechanical percussion sounds along with these finely developed synthetic sounds from MarcE's collection really helped me to quickly visualize my idea.

And here's to you MarcE, to hoping you continue to stretch your talents and embrace all that is great in life. Here's to knowing that you'll continue to find the strength and inner resolution to push forward. Your one of the best my friend!

New Dreams of You 



Patch Used: Damn I forgot, but I Remember it's in MarcE's "End of..." Set. (Piano). Thankfully it wasn't MarcE's last set.

When I first got my EX7, (two years ago) I was surfing the Net looking for info on my new keyboard. Happily, I found EX5Tech, which I STILL say is the BEST keyboard site on the NET TODAY!!

I Looked into their Download Section and found many patches and sounds programmed by the members of EX5Tech, for other Members to share (including The GREAT ex.Factory!!). While ALL of those Downloads where EXcellent, I noticed one programmer was REALLY amazing!!

His name is MarcE, and his sounds where some of the most amazing, and emotional sounding patches I've had ever heard!!

They had this incredible way of sounding which I can ONLY describe as "A Window into the Soul of a Master Artist"; as if EVERY patch had a little bit of MarcE's soul in them, helping them to breath and move in ways no other patch made by a "bunch of wires and chips", have ever before.

Let me share a story with you, that happened last year, while I was playing one of MarcE's patches. This will really shine some light on what I'm trying to describe.

I was playing around with my EX7, and one of MarcE's Patches (I'll Never forget this patch, it's called “Heartrending”). I started playing Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" with it. The emotion of THAT song, AND the beautiful sound of THAT patch. Mixed together to form the most emotional musical experience I had EVER felt. When I was done I felt a tear rolling down my cheek. I heard a noise behind me and I turned around to find my girlfriend, Diane, behind me listening and crying also. It was a magical moment that both of us shared though a masterpiece of music and a masterpiece of sound programming. I felt so strongly about that moment that I wanted to share that with MarcE, and show him what his "Art" can do, and how his sounds can and do touch others folks’ hearts and souls.

I shared the "Moonlight Sonata" on last year's Tribute CD. This year's song I wrote myself and is called "New Dreams of You". I KNOW that I can't possibly write a piece as GOOD as old Ludwig, himself, BUT I hope that with the help of MarcE's piano patch I can in some way hope to touch someone's life as much as MarcE's sounds have touched mine.

Thank you, MarcE, for sharing your talents with us and thank you, Derek, for once again allowing me to be a small part of this Tribute. May God bless you both and your families this holiday season and all seasons to come

Thanks Again,

Lee Pons

Late Delivery 


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Lost and Found 

Frank Jansch 

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Dear MarcE,

I'm one of the many musicians who have fun in using their EX with sounds that you have created. So I'm very proud that I've got the chance to please you (I hope so) with a little song on the tribute CD.

The song is named "Lost And Found", and I've used patches from your "MarcE 5 New Age" – S1V collection.

The guitar is real, because I'm a guitarist in first line. I strongly hope that you feel good a little, anyhow, and I wish you all the best for now and the future, especially merry Christmas and strength for the new year.

Kind regards

Franxx (Frank Jansch) from Sondershausen in Thuringia, Germany


Ave Marcerek 


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I used the following sounds from “1YRLATER”:

  • bitumen,
  • model digi,
  • forgotten VL
  • love-story.


Winter Song 


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Patches used in Winter Song >

  • Velocity Strings / EX-5 Factory Preset
  • Bamboo / EX-5 Factory Preset
  • Ahhh Choir / Siedlaczek Classical Choir
  • Legato Flute / Bela Media
  • Fazioli Soft Piano / The Ultimate Piano Collection

"MarcE, your sounds means a lot of inspiration for me. Thanks a lot.

I wish you health, lot of energy for your work and beautiful Christmas season and very happy New Year."


Haunted Dreams 

Cerys Cook (aged 9) 

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From Cerys herself:

I hope you like all my songs. This year in school we are doing a Christmas pantomime called the “old woman on the moon”.

Hope you get better soon, love from Cerys.

From Cerys’ Dad

This is a little tune that Cerys made up, to which all I have done is to correct the odd “bum” note and tighten some of the timing. Other than that, it is as Cerys played it.

I’m not quite sure why Cerys wanted to tell you about her concert, but that’s children for you. Well, I sat though it last night and both Cerys and her friends sang beautifully.

Patch Used: “Reqoquest”


Tau Ceti 


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Jason Tai 

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Dear MarcE,

How are you doing? Hope all is well. My little contribution is entitled Reflection. It's an instrumental piece. Actually this is the first song I've written without any drums or percussions! You may recognise some of the patches. As always, your EX5 patches are very inspiring. It's probably been said... much respect and thanks for taking the time and effort to come up with these patches and sharing with all of us EX users! I hope you enjoy listening to the song.

I hope you are feeling a lot better. Keep your spirits high! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Best regards,
Jason Tai
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.