The Yamaha EX5 probably has one of the largest collections of high quality and freely available patches for any modern synth.

And MarcE has been one of the EX5's most prolific contributors with nine extensive patch collections to his credit, now hosted here all together for the first time

The thing that has always amazed me about MarcE's patch collections is the breadth and diversity of the patches that he has programmed over the years. MarcE has managed to bring out the best of the EX5 and show case it for the really powerful synthesizer that it is.

But in particular I have a soft spot for MarcE's pads, in particular those that make use of the EX5's performance mode to layer two voices together. MarcE's pads contain a tremendous amount of detail and variety that respond well to playing dynamics and/or evolve over time. I've made quite a few songs using just one MarcE performance, but you wouldn't think so when listening to the range of sounds in such songs!

So it's fair to say that I'm a big fan of the patches that MarcE freely made available to the EX5 community!

Here is a list of the patch collections.

December  1999  MarcE 1
January  2000  MarcE 2
May  2000  MarcE 3
October  2000  MarcE 4
November  2000  MarcE 5
June  2001  MarcE DreamScapes
September  2001  MarcE The End
December  2002  MarcE One Year Later
December  2003  MarcE Never Ending Story