Here are some recordings of MarcE's electronic music, both as a solo artist and as a member of T.M.P.

MarcE Solo

MarcE 1985

Here is a collection of songs that MarcE created in 1985

Tribute For Klaus Schulze MP3 Stream MP3
Good Morning MP3 Stream MP3
End Of Dreams MP3 Stream MP3

MarcE Dreamscapes

In the MarcE DreamScapes patch collection, MarcE included a composition as an MP3 file, and here it is!

Some Music For You MP3 Stream MP3

Morphine Part I

Hello my dearest friends,

After a really hard time, filled with sweat and tears, I finally made it: I've completed my CD!!! This CD is the final stage of my music-filled life. I'm going back to my old roots and am going to start drawing and painting again.

As you all know by now, my sound developer period was a thorough one. I started calling my sounds little paintings in which you can see more than a blank page. When I started designing a sound, I worked on it like I used to work on a painting: discovering the unusual, extreme sides. Because of that, I never got completely satisfied after finishing a sound. I always kept thinking if I couldn't have done it different, better... Give it more layers, more colours :-)

Morphine Part I is the end piece... Morphine Part II is me. Me going further in sound and images... I have to get one with life and it's me who has to battle my illness.

To be honest, music didn't really catch my full interest, it were the sounds that kept me hanging onto those fantastic machines, which we all know as 'synthesizers' ;-). After 30 years of working on them, I haven't even got to playing one full song of some artist... I can't even read chords. Here in my surroundings, people got to know me as the person 'searching for the synth without those annoying black keys'. They should leave out those keys and invest more in the electronics of this device ha-ha! That's just the way I am, my friends. Music is interesting to me to some level, but the sound is so much more to me. All I needed was one key, preferably a white one :-p Music doesn't need to be made with chords, but with sounds... and if those sounds are good, you have yourself a song.

Morphine part I was established with thanx to my daughter Joke, who wrote the lyrics for this part. Her boyfriend Steven also contributed to it and added another text. These texts are written by them, from their point of view... this is how they see me handling my morphine. This is how they wanted to help me in this experience.

A big thanx goes out to my wife, Anneke, who has so much patience and gave me so much support in these hard times.

I also would like to thank Fuse at Serious Mastering who gave the finishing touch to my cd and a thanx to Derek for putting this on my website.

So a big warm 'thank you' to my family and these friends: without you, I wouldn't have been able to finish this project.

Greetings from me.

As Morphine Part I is about an hour long and a 70MB download, we've provided 3 extracts (each about 3 minutes long and about 5MB) to allow you to listen to parts of the song to see if you wish to download all of it.

Morphine Part 1 Extract 1 (the beginning) MP3 Stream MP3
Morphine Part 1 Extract 2 (somewhere in the middle!) MP3 Stream MP3
Morphine Part 1 Extract 3 (the end) MP3 Stream MP3

And now Morphine Part I in its entirety

Morphine Part 1 MP3 Stream MP3 CD Cover Artwork CD Page 1 CD Page 2

MarcE In T.M.P.

Together with Dirk from Axces and Jelle, I started a synthesizer band called T.M.P which ran from 1995 to 2000. We made 3 CDs of our own. Dirk and I constantly listened to Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Peter Baumann and Tim Blake. Jelle was more of a techo and house freak. We had a manager for a while, but he left us in the cold. He could only think of the big money and we didn't want to go there. We got a good review thanks to him in a music magazine called KLEM. I recorded some more songs with Dirk after that and lost contact with Jelle.

We had a flyer made to promote T.M.P: T.M.P stood for The Moon Project, but just fantasize with us: The Mysterious Pact, The Mystic Partners, Towards Million Places, The Mixed Principles, Thousand Moon Pictures, and so on... When you hear T.M.P. and get into the music, then you can easily think of another name... what's in a name?

The youngster of the band was Jelle. He was contacted by this uncle Dirk to take a step into the world of marcE, who was already fascinated by the wonderful sounds he got out of his synthesizer. The three of them form a great trio that really feels each other's needs in music. Their music isn't written beforehand, nor is it programmed. They don't discuss their music. They just 'feel' how it has to be. You will notice these emotional sounds of the moment in these heart warming, easy listening music. Music that brings the cosmos a little step closer... So T.M.P. could also mean Time Moment Place...


Mexican Sunset MP3 Stream MP3
Tranquility MP3 Stream MP3
Landscapes MP3 Stream MP3
Ocean Of Tears MP3 Stream MP3

T.M.P. We'll Meet You There

Quasar II MP3 Stream MP3
Electronic Nature MP3 Stream MP3
The Meaning Of Life MP3 Stream MP3
Purple Sunday Afternoon MP3 Stream MP3

T.M.P. Live at St. St-Niklaas

The Beginning.mp3 MP3 Stream MP3
Where Why Are MP3 Stream MP3
Dont Asked MP3 Stream MP3
It Was A Dream MP3 Stream MP3